Noura Howell

As a tangible interaction designer I explore relationships with emotional biosensory data. How might interactions with data influence our sense of self and our relationships with others? What might it be like to experience data without quantification? In addition to self-knowledge, self-improvement, or self-expression, what other practices can be explored with biosensory data, such as cherishing, celebrating, coping, or just being? I'm fortunate to study as a PhD candidate at the Berkeley School of Information advised by Kimiko Ryokai and as a member of the BioSENSE lab.

Social Emotional Biosensing
Tangible Laughter
Color-Changing Fabric as Realtime Data Display
Assembling Critical Practices Reading Group
Participatory Peace Sculpture
Performing VR Together
Code 510 Mentoring
Buddy the HugBug
Bio-Controlled DJ Effects
Intel Connect Anything Prototyping Kit
Harmonograph Visualizer
Chladni Waves Visualizer
Smart Bamboo Blinds for Bali
Mobile Phones & Illiteracy in Morocco
Solar Cooker for the Himalayas
Biosignals Experiments
Music & Data at The Echo Nest
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