Critical Design Futuring

In this class, students critically analyze social impacts of digital technology, and creatively imagine alternatives. By learning about sociotechnical imaginaries, students start to unpack prevalent narratives around society and technology, learn that these narratives are not inevitable, and imagine alternative narratives. Topics included sociotechnical imaginaries, algorithms of oppression, filter bubbles, fake news, biometric surveillance, and emotional biosensing. We tried out the alternative approaches to design futuring. Readings included Ruha Benjamin, Safiya Umoja Noble, Joy Buolamwini, Sheila Jasanoff, Sang-Hyun Kim, and Paul Dourish.

Students projects:

Student projects imagined alternative futures. One group imagined a future in environmental sustainability has made great progress, and a popular magazine looks back on the history of antiquated artifacts such as gasoline powered vehicles. Anna Roberds, Charles Walker, Grace Sieck - ENVI Magazine - A Retrospective on Sustainability Issues from the Year 2040

Taught in my role as assistant professor at North Carolina State University.

Spring 2021