I teach all levels of user research, human centered design, tangible design, embodied design, and interaction design; physical computing with microcontrollers and circuits; and introductory computer science. With a project-centered approach, I challenge students to consider the social, aesthetic, technical, and political implications of their work. Teaching Statement (pdf)

Tangible User Interfaces

Teaching assistant, fall 2016 & 2017 & 2018, with professor Kimiko Ryokai

This class teaches theory and practice of tangible interaction design. My duties included providing critique and mentorship on student projects and hands-on Arduino, electronics, and soldering instruction. I also helped revamp the curriculum to include more interaction design theories such as reflective, speculative, and critical design; more hands-on design thinking activities; and more circuit explorations that produce sound.

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Geometris began as a student project in this class. It went on to win the Student Game Competition at CHI 2017 and to become the thesis research of Leah Rosenbaum.

Student project Magic Musical Mat went on to become part of the thesis research of Rachel Chen and a research project for Arianna Ninh.

This student project explored how sounds can influence our perception of taste.

Creative Programming & Electronics

Teaching assistant, spring 2018, with instructor J.D. Zamfirescu

This class teaches introductory programming with p5js and Arduino. My duties included providing critique and mentorship on student projects, hands-on Arduino instruction, and preparing some of the course materials.

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Student work: One team created custom footpad sensors for a Twister-like educational circuits game.

Gray Area Foundation's Creative Code Immersive

Teaching assistant, fall 2014, with instructor Matt Ganucheau

This class surveys Arduino, Processing, electronics, and JavaScript for artists. My duties included hands-on instruction in programming and electronics.

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Students Rakhi Parekh and Wesley Haines created a meditative visualization of pulse. Shown here are the two pulse sensors on the table.

Student work from the Creative Code Immersive.

Deconstructing Data Science

Teaching assistant, spring 2016, with professor David Bamman

This class surveys quantitative machine learning methods in conjunction with critical analysis of the assumptions and bias these algorithms can reinforce. My duties included Python tutoring and project advising.

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