Biosensing Technologies in Everyday Life

In this graduate seminar, we read and discussed readings about social implications of biosensing technologies in everyday life. Topics included a survey of the latest technical biosensing capabilities, affective computing, smart home and smart city applications, self-tracking, somaesthetic design, predictive policing, biometric surveillance, and artistic provocations.

Students Margaret Baker and Emma Stanley's final project "I closed my rings!": An Interactive Journey Through the Datafication of Fitness Tracking: "explores the nature of smartwatches and fitness trackers in terms of data privacy and surveillance, and is paired with an interactive video for additional information regarding options individuals have when protecting their data in order to communicate these skills to a large audience."

Taught in my role as assistant professor at North Carolina State University.

The thumbnail image is a still from a video created by Margaret Baker and Emma Stanley for their final project in the class.

Spring 2021