Music & Data at The Echo Nest

As a software engineer at The Echo Nest, I worked on a variety of data-driven web applications, including a tool for creating generative radio station playlists and internal tools for verifying music data.

SiriusXM's MySXM personalized radio stations are created by SiriusXM's music programmers using this tool, made by The Echo Nest. I worked with one other web developer on the front end JavaScript application. Highlights included throttling AJAX requests to reliably load thousands of dynamically structured song objects, maintaining a responsive interface while loading, sorting, and filtering those objects, and automatically suggesting possible areas of concern to the music programmers to guide their design of these radio stations.

Data accuracy is of utmost importance to The Echo Nest because data is its primary product, and the continually growing database regularly rolls out to enterprise customers. The internal tools I worked on enabled anyone to view and edit dynamically structured data objects and helped create tasks, workflow, and performance tracking for quality assurance interns.

After my time there, The Echo Nest was bought by Spotify (TechCrunch).

An old Echo Nest t-shirt design by John Allison.

2012 - 2013