Performing VR Together

This short participatory performance imagined a VR centered around local embodied presence. First, participants each made their own VR headset out of paper and decorated it to their liking. Then, while screen captured video of VR experiences played on screen, I guided the audience as we all physically re-enacted these VR experiences, reaching and pulling and turning and racing together. Wearing masks and physically performing VR helped us collectively reimagine what VR could be.

This was a course presentation for NWMEDIA 201, Questioning New Media, taught by Jill Miller, at the Berkeley Center for New Media. Many thanks to Jill and teaching assistant Ryan Ikeda for their advice and guidance.

Skiing together in VR.

Leaning to steer while skiing.

Leaning to steer to dodge the obstacles!

Racing through the clouds with grappling hooks that shoot laser beams.

Pulling on the grappling hooks to race toward the clouds.

fall 2016