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Noura Howell, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication
North Carolina State University
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PhD, Information Management and Systems
Designated Emphasis in New Media
School of Information
University of California, Berkeley
Physical computing, critical making, design research, qualitative research methods
May 2020

B.S. in Engineering with Computing
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
Human centered design, software engineering
2008 - 2012

Gap year in pure math for fun
Mississippi State University
Graph theory, group theory, topology
2007 - 2008


Augmented Human Lab
Singapore University of Technology & Design
Visiting researcher with Professor Suranga Nanayakkara

Google ATAP Project Jacquard
Color-changing fabric real time data display

Intel Labs
Software engineer for the Galileo IoT programming kit: UI design, code, multi client sync protocol

MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces
Research assistant with Seth Hunter: user studies, software development for WaaZam!, a networked video system for full body Kinect play

The Echo Nest & Sirius XM
Software developer: data visualizations, full stack web, parallelization, and a dashboard for 50K+ dynamic music objects
2012 - 2013

Program Manager Intern for Windows 8

Army Corps of Engineers
Parallelized a 10K+ line of FORTRAN coastal water flow simulation with OpenMP directives


Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, 2019, for the project Speculating Smart City Cybersecurity with the Heart Sounds Bench. List of all grantees.

Center for Technology, Society, and Policy, 2019, for the project Engaging Expert Stakeholders about the Future of Menstrual Biosensing in collaboration with Richmond Wong, Sarah Fox, and Franchesca Spektor.

CITRIS Tech for Social Good, 2019, for the project Re-centering the Body in Technological Utopias, in collaboration with Franchesca Spektor. List of all grantees.

Berkeley Center for New Media Undergraduate Research Assistant Fellowship, 2019. To work with Stephanie Tang.

Jacobs Innovation Center Ignite Grant, 2018 (listing).

Arts Research Center, 2018 (listing) in collaboration with Greg Niemeyer.

Center for Technology, Society, and Policy, 2018, for the project Menstrual Biosensing Survival Guide in collaboration with Richmond Wong and Sarah Fox.

Berkeley Center for New Media Undergraduate Research Assistant Fellowship, 2018. To work with Wenny Miao.

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, 2016-2017, University of California, Berkeley.

Cota Robles Fellowship, 2014, University of California, Berkeley. "Awarded to exceptional applications who also advance the Regents' goals for diversification of the academy."

Talks & Guest Lectures

Emotional Biosensing: Possibilities, Problematics, & Critical Alternatives, fall 2017, for the I School PhD Research Reception, video.

A Case Study of Emotional Biosensing: Tensions of Data-Driven Reflection, fall 2017, for the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

Emotional Biosensing, fall 2017, for the course Mind-Reading and Telepathy for Beginners and Intermediates taught by Nick Merrill and John Chuang. slides.

Information vs. Interaction: A Case Study of Affective Computing, spring 2016, for the course Deconstructing Data Science taught by David Bamman. slides.

Rethinking Data with Emotion & Materiality, fall 2016, for the course Sensors, Humans, Data, Apps taught by John Chuang. slides.

Rethinking Data with Emotion and Materiality, fall 2016, for the course Tangible User Interfaces taught by Kimiko Ryokai. slides.


Co-organizer of Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities of Engaging Biodata as a Design Material, fall 2020, workshop website, workshop paper.

Quick intro to human centered design and engineering, fall 2017, for the course Technology and Delegation taught by Deirdre Mulligan.

Helped facilitate one day design thinking workshop for tech industry executives in Sri Lanka, summer 2017, event description and photos.